Xjiin Session

Xj-iin [shz-in]: ŋ 1. Anything made from love, joy or soul and given to another manifests life energy 2. To come to life after being made and presented from the heart

Xjiin session is a metaphysical occurrence whereby art is designed and created according to interrelating with another’s inspirational energy field. Upon completion, the exchange of positive intention and good will toward another is received. The created piece becomes charged with powerful chi (energy) to assist the individual who it was created for. The art when used during meditation, chanting, envisioning and other mindful spiritual practices enhances focus and strength in manifesting desired outcomes.

Two commissioned art pieces are designed,
one to embody celestial Meraki (soul energy) and purpose,
the other as a Kukui (enlightenment) spirit guide symbol.


Meraki Guide Questions

  1. Element in nature that “AWES” you
  2. Six words you LOVE, or motto that drives you
  3. Story that makes you HAPPY, LAUGH, SMILE
  4. Fun word you want to CREATE then define (i.e. JOYOLOGY joy-ol-o-gy: the science of glad feelings: happiness)
  5. Person/people no longer living you request RESERVED SEATING in your minds consciousness