If you had three wishes what would they be? More, money, time, success, friends, good looks… be honest who wouldn’t. Research shows at least one wish involves having more fun. So what gives? Why don’t we? Is it the things we lack but wish we had? Or maybe, it’s just the means to have more fun. Well kick off the excuse juju and put on your inspired tutu for a whole new meaning of that three-letter word… FUN.

Active Ingredient: Zentangle (aka: Vitamin Z)

Zen-tangle [Zen-tang-guh-l] Easy-pees-ee Japanesee super cool images made from structured patterns (aka: tangles).  Mindfully created in no time at all.


Engaging in this art form can stimulate mindfulness along with warm and fun feelings of LETTING GO. Exhilarating calmness may overcome clogged minds or over whelmed thinking. Extra caution needs to be taken in the sudden urge to quit your job to enjoy the FUNNER things in life.

Originated by artists Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts who started this FUNderful creative movement www.zentangle.com.

Benefits Of Zentangle

This Mojo Magical Method of Zentangle contains limitless personal, professional and health related benefits that include but are not limited to:

sunFUN FACT: MacGyver would’ve loved this.sun

  • Stimulates creative meditation with afterglow results
  • Fun yoga for the brain
  • Empowers inspiration and artistic expression
  • Nurtures and develops creativity
  • Motivates mindfulness
  • Encourages FLOW
  • Improves mood and social interactions
  • Builds rapport and team building
  • Helps brainstorming
  • Opens self awarenes while building self esteem
  • Reduces stress/anxiety, increases relaxation


  • Develops eye/hand coordination
  • Diminishes physical pain
  • Initiates motor skill development
  • Lessens PTSD
  • Increases attention span and concentration
  • Realigns problem solving and focus capability
  • Creates sense of accomplishment and well-being
  • Invigorating warm-up for artist
  • Sudden increase in wanting to share with others
  • Allows feelings of happiness