Boardroom Team Building

Brighten up same-old-same-old brainstorm meetings with industrial strength creative Zen team building. Zenological methods emerge new ways of thinking, interacting and out of the box inspirational outcomes. Zentangle the way you look at things, and the things you look at will untangle.

Zenspiration Mixer

Create a Zensation! Now all wanderers don’t have to be lost. Break the ice with some tangle fun and Zen-mingling. Give guests a get-out-of-jail-free-card with a new way to meet the others, tangle together and leave them wanting more as they head for the door.

Girl’s Night Out

ROCKIN’ new way to par-tay! No need to dress to impress. Just get down and dirty in your pj’s or all decked out in your coziest clothes, cause it’s all about hanging with your BFF’s and lettin’ the Zenolicious good times roll.

Mom & Me & Zen Makes Three

Magic is something you make and the best part of all with Zentangle is, there’s no such thing as a mistake. So quadruple your fun, by including more with your little one. It’s invigorating this tangling with others…you and more children and their inspired Zen mothers.

Oh What Fun… Holiday Inspired

Maybe the holidays don’t have to come from a store. Maybe some tangling fun, can make them a whole lot more. Just add sugar and spice and some ring-ting-a-ling-Zentangling and your holiday spirit will over flow with much Comfort & Joy. Some assembly required. (Ghost of past, present and future upon request.)